Thais McKeeB.A, M. Ed., CHS, CLTC

Financial Advisor

Thais (Thaya) McKee provides service to clients in three marvelous Canadian provinces: BC, Alberta and Ontario and she loves traveling to meet them and connect virtually. Past education, training and life experience, have prepared Thais to offer "risk management" programs and services. These include: cash flow management, debt management, life and health insurance, wealth accumulation and retirement income planning. 

She is a Certified Health Insurance Specialist. As such she routinely adds: disability income, critical illness and long term care insurance to financial plans. Thais' `living benefit' expertise shapes her approach to financial planning. She considers the potential for poor future health and then adds components to the financial plan that minimizes potentially catastrophic consequences to friends, family and finances. Furthermore, these `planning and protecting' discussions tend to deepen and extend the relationship Thais has with her clients. 

Thais is also a Certified Cash Flow Specialist, this has led to some of the most impressive and rewarding client service experiences to date. This is a valuable service and shows significant and tangible results when clients engage with her. 
For investment clients saving for retirement, having access to a broad range of accumulation products and strategies is important. The same can be said for clients in retirement, whose goal shifts from 'wealth accumulation' to ' wealth utilization or decumulation'.  Using strategies and specific products, aimed at spending-down retirement savings, wisely and tax-efficiently is as important, perhaps even more important, as using traditional products and strategies to accumulate wealth. Thais knows the conversation and approach must differ, depending on where clients are on this 'wealth journey'.  It is a well known proven fact, clients who work with an independent advisor do better in both phases of life (accumulation & decumulation) than clients who don't. 

Thais enjoys her role and spending time with clients. She continues to grow her three-province practice and welcomes referrals from appreciative clients.


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